Emily and David – A Lovely Reminder – Richmond, VA at St. Bridget Catholic and Salisbury Country Club

January 18, 2018


Great events and weddings rarely, if ever, need an introduction. I’d like to think that our work does the storytelling for us. Still, it’s nice to put a few words down to frame the day…give you a sense of what took place or perhaps a hidden piece of information that enhances how you enjoy the image. For example, it would be hard for you to know, unless you know these two or their families, that we’ve spent a good amount of time with them over the years through several weddings and various shoots. You couldn’t know that we’ve come to love working with them, hanging out with them, and enjoying these remarkable days with them.

And you couldn’t know how thoroughly touched we were to receive a letter from Emily and David after the wedding telling us what the images and the experience meant to them. At the end of a long year for Don Mears Photography that included moving to a new studio for the first time in nine years. In addition to the many events and weddings, it is both touching and refreshing to be reminded of just why we still love what we do. It’s about more than just images. It’s the trust people feel inviting us in to their families for a time and letting us tell their story. And it’s the gratitude we receive for creating something they and generations to come will cherish.

With their permission, I’m going to let their words and then their images tell the story. I couldn’t possibly say it better.

“Dear Don and Lindsay,

Thank you so much for our special prints and flash drive, but most of all thank you for your beautiful work on (and before) our wedding day. Starting from our engagement photos all the way to our last kiss in the getaway car, you made our memories turn into something we will treasure forever. Lindsay, those bridal portraits were such an amazing day for me and my mom, and we will pass those photos down for generations. Don, your work on our wedding day was just incredible. Thank you both for helping us feel at ease and for getting us through the craziness of that wedding weekend. There are so many photos we’re obsessed with, and they are all over our house. We love the shots of our parents looking happy, our grandparents having a great time, the kids being kids, and so many moments of joy and happiness with people we’re obsessed with. I wanted to personally thank you for the image when you caught of me and Dave having a very real moment leaning against the bar. He’s always there for me even when I’m overwhelmed, and you caught that on camera in a way words never could. Thank you! We’ve loved working with you guys and will look forward to seeing you at receptions in the future! Thank you so much!

So much love,

Emily and Dave”


Emily and David – A Lovely Reminder – Richmond, VA at St. Bridget Catholic and Salisbury Country Club

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